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Meet Monika, the owner and lead planner at A Great Adventure!!!


I've spent 10+ years in the event industry, learning the ins and outs of event execution. From catering and venue management to rentals and design, I've done a little bit of everything! 

My approach in planning memorable events has always been about focusing on the details that make an event unique. I love to travel and see how people in different places of the world make an event their own. 

Spain is all about the food and wine; Vienna values making people feel at home; and Dubai is all about the entertainment. I started A Great Adventure so that I could help couples extend their own brand of hospitality to their guests, and enjoy themselves in the process. Whether you're looking for a traditional wedding with thoughtfully curated details or a casual destination wedding on the beach, I'm here to make sure you get to enjoy the day just as much as your guests. 

 My Great Adventures ~

Photo By Tate Carlson Photography

favorite place to visit  

Prague - It's Beautiful. You can find just about any kind of food. The architecture is that of a movie set. Disclaimer: I once got lost in Prague for 3 hours. Any place you can get lost and not feel the immediate need to panic is a. place you should stay for a while.  

favorite book  

Romance - But, I'm a wedding planner, so that shouldn't surprise anyone.  

favorite food

I love tapas!! Is that cheating? Tapas can be anything, but the experience that is tapas is just so right. The Chef sends out whatever he pleases; a few bites here, a little wine there, what's not to love?  

favorite partner in crime  

Oliver - my 7 year old papillon pup. He is only about 10 pounds in weight but at least 100 in personality!  

favorite part of a wedding 

Let's face it, I don't exactly get a front row view of the groom when the bride first comes down the aisle, and that's EVERYONE'S favorite. But, my favorite part is in the morning, when everyone is getting ready, and the bride and groom open the gifts they got each other. Watching the couple read the goofy jokes and sweet notes, shared just between the two of them in those cards, puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day. 

favorite weekend activity  

Sunday Brunch! I love spending a couple of hours on Sunday to catch up with friends over breakfast mid-day. My go-to favorite for relaxed byob in Chicago is Marmelade on Damen and Montrose.  

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